Since 1999 Jafco Industries remain a name of trust. We achieve this end by sticking to the principles of hard work and determination. We apply such tools and procedures that make our product soft and absorbant to use. What you see is what you get. It gives you a tender feeling and a soft touch.
Jafco Industries one can witness the use of weaving, dyeing, stitching and printing along with all other necessary accessories related with towel industry.
We make sure that our product satisfy you and for this purpose we use strict quality control measure, thats why our terry products, quality come upon the level of international standard.
Jafco Industries precisely know customers’ needs and requirements because the only thing that restrict us is our imagination, continuously improving through challenging the norm and looking things differently and this is our speciality, leading the way in adding value to your life by using our towels & bathrobes which are smooth and comfortable beyond your imagination.
Our towels and bathrobes are made according to the demand of customer’s needs and reeping in natural process and not through heavy use of chemicals.
Our products ensure the long lasting absorbancy and tenderness even after several washes. Being there for you. When you need us speaking your language.